• How do I know the right o.b.® tampon absorbency level for me?

    We make different absorbency levels for every day of your period. Try to use a tampon with the minimum absorbency needed to control menstrual flow. You might want to start by choosing the smallest size--o.b.® Regular--and then switching to a larger size if it’s necessary.

    The graph below shows a typical woman’s flow pattern during her period. Generally menstrual flow is heaviest during the first 3 days. You may want to use a higher absorbency tampon on your heavy days and a lower absorbency tampon on your lighter days. No matter which absorbency level you choose, remember not to leave a tampon in for longer than 8 hours


    Absorbency Days

    New onset of heavy menstrual bleeding or abnormal flow patterns may be a sign of something more serious. If you see a significant increase in menstrual flow or change from what is normal for you, please talk to your doctor.

  • How many o.b.® tampon absorbency levels are there?

    o.b.® tampons come in four different absorbency levels:

    1. o.b.® Regular is best for first-time non-applicator tampon users or for women with light to moderate flow
    2. o.b.® Super is best for moderate flow
    3. o.b.® Super Plus has you covered during a heavier flow
    4. o.b.® Ultra has you covered during your heaviest flow

    If you’re not sure which level is right for you or if you need a few of each, we recommend you pick up the o.b.® Multi-Pack

  • Which absorbency levels are in the o.b.® Multi-Pack?

    The o.b.® Multi-Pack comes with an assortment of o.b.® tampons in Regular, Super and Super Plus absorbencies.