o.b.®  Original™ Super Plus

o.b.® Original Super Plus

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For heavy flow days (between 12 and 15g).

The soft, classic feel of o.b.® Original Super Plus tampons. Sometimes it’s good to stay with what you love.


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Super Plus Absorbency

o.b.® Original Super Plus has you covered during a heavier flow.

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Review Stars

"AMAZING!!!!" I have always used the big bulky tampons i can never use the small compact ones because of my heavy periods, until now! I bought my first box of these today because i ran out of tampons and wanted to try a new brand. I absolutely love them, they are so small, easy to insert, mess free, and so comfortable i can do anything in them and not feel it. I absolutely love these tampons you wont regret purchasing them! :)

— ally123
Review Stars

"BEST TAMPONS EVER CREATED!!!!" I have used your tampons for over 30 years, they have never failed me or left me messy. Your product is not only trusted, it is something I am never without. Thank you for your integrity and a excellent product.

— Margie


What to do after you open the box? View our step-by-step guide...

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Step 1

Since your hands will be your primary tools here, definitely wash them!

Then take a look at your o.b.® tampon. Is it totally sealed? Good. (If not, don’t use it. Get another one.) Now find the colored tear strip and pull. Once you’ve done that, removing both ends of the wrapper is a breeze.

Next you’re going to find the string on one end of the tampon. Grab the string and pull it tight from left to right and top to bottom. This widens the base of the tampon, creating a nice and protected pocket for your finger. Which is great because your finger plays a starring role in our next step: Inserting the tampon.